freedomfrom fear

We all have giants we have to deal with in life. Maybe it's a giant of fear, maybe it's a giant of addiction, maybe it's a giant of another kind. As you look at this obstacle, this problem, this challenge, you are troubled and you don't think you can ever overcome it. But God is bigger than your giant.

Below is a collection of Giants that can be in your life. It could just be a anxious spirit, or a stressful job, what ever it is I hope you will find some comfort knowing that SIZE DOES MATTETR

freedomfrom fear

I used to say that there is nothing impossible for God. Then I found several things that is impossible for God. I would like to share them with you.

Three Things God Can Not Do

There are three things that God cannot due:  He cannot lie, He cannot be mocked, and He cannot change. I can Live with That!

Below is a list of Giants that you may have in your life that you may feel are impossible to get over, get around or go through. Nothing is impossible for God!!


Anger / Abuse

Angry Prayers Can Bring Peace

Jesus Jujitsu: The Power to Turn the Other Cheek

Forgive and Be Set Free!

Why Get Angry?

Anxiety / Stress (see also “Fear”)

31 Antidotes to Anxiety

Be Free! Live in Jesus’ Easy Yoke

Calm your Anxious Mind

One Word (What Peace this Brings!)

Optimal Stress

Perfect Grace for Perfectionists

Smile in Your Storm

Why the Birds Don’t Worry

Worry Free Living

Compulsive Behavior / 12 Step Recovery

Be Free! Live in Jesus’ Easy Yoke

Caught in the Internet’s Web

Eyes of Prayer (a Scripture prayer to help set you free from lust)

Free to Love, Free from Lust

Hurry Up and Be Still: Freedom from Adrenaline Dependence

No More Wallowing in the Mud!

Pray Before You Slip

Step Out of the Cycle of Addiction

Counseling / Mentoring (How to Change)

A Plan to Be More Like Jesus

Can You and I Really Change?

Eight Words of Jesus to Transform your Life

Becoming “I” (How Therapy Helped Me to Come Alive)

Learning to Obey Jesus’ Teachings in the Sermon on the Mount

Depression (see also “Self-Esteem”)

Chasing a Rabbit

Don’t Miss the Joy of Life!

If You Feel Suicidal Talk to a Survivor

Rely on God’s Grace as your Shield

When You’re Lonely

Eating Disorders

Soul Care for Food Addicts

Emotional Health

Negative Emotions


“Fear Not!” 365 Days a Year

Walk through a Wall of Fear

Grief / Comfort in Loss

Trusting God in Sadness

Hurry Sickness

Always Late

Don’t be too Busy to Breathe!

Hurry Up and Be Still: Freedom from Adrenaline Dependence

No Sweat!

Six Unhurried Words

Slowing Down for a Sabbath Rest

Marriage / Relationships

Speak the Truth in Love

The Love You Long For

What You Can Do to Improve Your Marriage


A New Name to Be Free of Shame

Be a Wildflower for God (You’re not Inadequate)

God’s Love Makes Ogres Glorious