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Do you struggle with the idea that the Bible is the inspired word of God? Can we trust the Bible? You are not alone in the search for the truth. This is why I put these pages together.

An old dusty book. Who reads the Bible these days? Some think it is a fairy-tale book, others think it’s a literary masterpiece. Who wrote the Bible? And why? For Christians the Bible is a great source of inspiration about life. There is no denying that the Bible has an enormous influence on our world. But how does that come about? And what do you gain from reading a book that is over 2000 years old?

For years I claimed to be a Christian.  I would read and memorize scriptures. In My younger years I would do this just for the mental exercise or because I was told it would help me put the Truth in my mind. But I do not do it for those reasons anymore!  I read the bible to understand the mind of God! You may say that is foolish! Who could ever understand God? By submitting my life to Christ and his kingdom – through his Word – I have found freedom.  I have found that freedom not by memorizing it or by living a rule driven life. I have found freedom because of the truth it holds. The truth that God does exist whether I acknowledge him or not and that the Bible is His inspired word written for me and for you. I like to say that it is a "Love Letter" From God to me. I have learned that the outcomes of events, what people think about me, or whether or not I succeed, is not the most important thing in this universe. The most important thing in this universe is the creator of it and He wrote ME a love letter.

Do you have memories of letters sent to you from someone you fell in love with? How you cherished them, read them over and over, and found it very hard to throw them away even after they were no longer in your life. This is how I treat the bible today. It is not a book of stories or do's and don't's but inspired by a loving God to show me more about Him and lead me on the path of the Truth.

The old old song "Jesus Loves Me" brings me to the realization that it is only when I know this as the truth, Not just believe it, not from someone telling me, but from my own heart and mind. Then His word starts to change my life. I start to realize that it is I who is changing. God does not change. So, this love letter to me and you, is like a treasure map showing me the way in a dark world. Blow the dust off and let it Blow your mind.

Bible Bytes

Bible Bytes is my Journey through this love letter and through life. It has blown my mind. This is a collection of thoughts and prayers based on the truth that God loves me and wants the best for me. There has been times in my life where I doubted, wondered astray, but I really wanted to Know not just believe that the bible is real. It is the word of God. Wow! just saying that makes the hair on my neck stand up. "The Word Of God"

Take For Example:

I used to Fear a lot. Fear about money, fear about what is happening in this world, fear about...... almost everything! Did you know that in the bible it says "Fear Not" over 365 times? It is really more than that. So every day I know that God does not want me to Fear! He has told be over and over again not to fear. I have written a page to help me with Fear right from the bible. Please visit it so you to can live without Fear! FEAR NOT. When you submit your life to God than His word becomes life changing. If you went to the link and downloaded the PDF. Than Each day write the “Fear Not” Scripture down on an index card so you can carry it with you all day.  Re-read it and turn it over and over in your mind and let it lead you into personal prayers.  Try to memorize the passages that especially speak to your struggles.

Talk to a friend about what you’re learning and the struggles you’re having.  Pray together.  Be “Christ’s Ambassadors” to one another (2 Corinthians 5:20).

Why You Can Believe The Bible!

Just MY say so is not very convincing I know. So I prepared a page for you to study the reasons we question the Bible. Read this page in "Mind Bender"(Click)  before you start your journey through the Bible. Remember.... I am only telling you the truth. This truth has been changing people's lives for 2000 years. It is living and active. You will be on a journey and you do not want to stay lost or get lost, along the way. You need a reliable source to direct your path. Just like taking a trip these days to places unknown we use Map Quest, On Star, Goggle Maps, if that information was not reliable we would end up in a field or worse. That's why this information is put together to show you that the bible is reliable and you can trust it.

For some of you this is like really radical. You may need to unplug from all the other "Sources" that you have been trying to find meaning from. I say to you "This is the only source that will give you meaning. This is the only Truth that will make your life complete."

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