Psalm Prayers

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By Ron Bender © 2011

I pray Psalms with Jesus everyday — not because I’m good at prayer, but because I’m learning to pray! In the spirit of David, the Psalmist, My Psalms Prayer Book is my personal prayer journal that I have filled with my meditations, prayer poems, abiding prayers, pictures, journal entries, and intercessions for others.

By Praying the Psalms my devotion to live my whole life as an apprentice to Jesus in his kingdom has been growing! Many people have found my meditations and short Psalms Prayers helpful. I invite you to join us in using these prayers for your personal devotions and in your ministry to others.

If you want to pray the Psalms with me you can follow along with my 60-day schedule of going through the Psalter: Praying the Psalms Morning, Noon, and Night Every Two Months.

One of the most helpful things I do when I pray from a Psalm is to go deeper with a verse or thought that the Holy Spirit impresses upon my heart. This has led me to write many abiding prayers which I like to pray over and over throughout the day.

I also sing the Psalms — even though I don’t have the least bit of musical talent! You can read my story and learn the benefits of this devotional practice in my article, “No Notes? Sing a Psalm Anyway!

From My Psalms Prayer Prayer Book

Psalm 2: Kiss the Son of God

Psalm 5: Waiting for Holy Fire

Psalm 16: My All in All

Psalm 18: Rising to High Places with Christ

Psalm 19: God’s Word to Me

Psalm 20: The One Benediction You Need

Psalm 22: Jesus and Abba at the Cross

Psalm 23: The Lord Is My ShepherdOutline of Psalm 23, Recovery 23, Walk with Good Shepherd in Psalm 23

Psalm 27: One Thing

Psalm 28: Lost and Found

Psalm 31: Put it in the Father’s Hands

Psalm 32:5-7: A Secret Safe Place for You

Psalm 34: I am in Trouble!Why Get Angry?

Psalm 35: Angry Prayers Can Bring Peace

Psalm 37:4, 23: Jesus Smiles at You!, Negative Emotions, Don’t Rush

Psalm 42: Waves of Love

Psalm 44: The Other Side of Deep Darkness

Psalm 51: A Sinful Heart’s Cry for Mercy

Psalm 52:9: Jesus, in Your Name I Hope

Psalm 56: “Fear Not!” 365 Days a Year

Psalm 57: A Caveman Prayer

Psalm 61:4: Jesus is My Refuge

Psalm 62:1,5: In Christ AloneFind Rest, O My Soul

Psalm 63:1,3: Thirsty for Jesus!

Psalm 66: Come and See

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