freedomfrom fear

My eyesight has always been pretty good most of my life. I hadn't worn glasses till I was 41 years old. My brother on the other hand wore them all his life. We could blame our mother or father, but then they would have to blame their parents and so on. Regardless of how my genetic makeup came to create my eyes as they are, the fact of the matter is that if I don't have contacts or glasses I can't read or watch television with ease. This allows my wife to have some fun with me. When my corrective lens aren't in place, she holds up a ten or twenty (as she pulls it out of my wallet) ten feet away from me and ask I'm going to the store do you need anything? Not knowing what she pulled out I must trust her. Needless to say I don't do well at that game...

Although my physical eyesight continues to deteriorate, my spiritual eyes are seeing more clearly. While I look around at all that this world has to offer, its appeal starts to diminish. I see the wealth, the fame, and all that seeks to draw me into its mind controlling "Matrix"  that somehow there could be true life and peace in those temporary trappings. But I am seeing those things for what they truly are, a horrible delusional distraction from the truth. The one who gives eternal life, true peace, and happiness. All the worldly attempts to draw me away from Jesus is not worth straining my eyes over.

I have experienced grace in life. And it is shaping how I see life and the world around me. Apart from grace I would be forced to see this world and the people in it through cynical, bitter eyes. I would see greed, lust, abuse, anger, and all else that sin has darkened as reason to cower in a lonely corner of the planet and simply wait for judgment to rain down. But grace has changed everything - everything!

I don't see the people around me as pitiful excuses for humanity who God should have wiped out centuries ago. I see lost, dying, needy people whose eyes simply haven't been opened yet. I see people who can only see through the lens of their physical vision, who can only see the hurt, pain, and hopelessness of a world under the spell of sin. I see wonderful, beautiful, broken people for whom Christ willingly carried the cross and paid the final, total payment for their sins. I see lives of infinite possibilities just waiting to be unleashed the moment they encounter, and embrace, the grace of their Maker. I see a vision that includes me to help reach thoses for his Kingdom

While I would never desire to be blind, I wouldn't mind if my vision continues to worsen as I look at the world kingdom as it tries to appeal to my sin nature. I want to continue to sharpen my vision for truth, resting fully in the wonderful grace of Jesus. As I gaze into His beautiful face, His glory blinds me to all else. I can then see clearly that it is only by His grace that I stand, that I truly live, and that I can touch those around me with any kind of impact. Grace blinds us to sin's appeal and to ourselves, thus allowing us to finally live as God intended: by faith.