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Is There A Real World Matrix??

"The Matrix" you may have seen or heard about it. It tells a story about a computer-generated system. In this system people are kept in slavery without their knowledge. The world's population is oblivious to the fact that their world is only a dream, a system, and not real or free. They continue living their daily lives not questioning their reality. Neo, (the main character) is part of the system. He knows that something is not right with the world he lives in. Neo is eager to learn the truth. Neo is offered the truth by a character named Morpheus, who sets him free from the Matrix.

By using this metaphor, I will attempt to unveil the truth about the world you call reality. You have been deceived by powers that have been in place for a long time. The wool has been pulled over your eyes so that you cannot see, hear, or understand the truth.

So, for this purpose I will call you (the reader) Neo. Maybe you, Neo, have been feeling something for a long time. There is just something wrong with the world that you live in. You cannot put your finger on it. You just know that there are things that do not make sense. Follow me Neo on a journey that will "unplug" or take the wool off your eyes.

Being Unplugged

People of this World or Kingdom, as I would like to say, are not willing to be "unplugged" from their reality to see the truth. But the truth is revealed to those who are searching for it. Are you searching for truth Neo?

You live out your daily life oblivious to the fact that there is a choice, the only real and free choice you have. The choice that there is another system or kingdom. One that is a free choice for you to make. People cannot live in two kingdoms at the same time, so we all have a choice. Do you want the kingdom of truth, or do you want the false kingdom of this world that has been pulled over your eyes? I can only show you the path, but you are the one who must make the choice to walk in it.

The world's Kingdom of consumption and self-centered life style has been “pulled over your eyes,” and you cannot see the truth. So, the question is “Does the Matrix have you?” “Have you been living in a fantasy world?” It's not a matter of opinion, there really are two kingdoms. One false kingdom and one real kingdom. I am not going to sugar coat it for you Neo. You do have a Choice to make. Either you say "No" I don't believe it, that is impossible, it cannot be true. Than go your merry way. Or you continue to discover just what the Matrix is. I cannot really explain it to you. You must find out for yourself. All I am offering you is the truth. Nothing More!

Follow the rabbit and I will show you the truth.

Don't Roll Your Eyes Neo, Just Click On the Rabbit and Follow Me Down The Rabbit Hole

So, I leave it Up to you! Are you still searching for the truth? Are You willing to go a little more deeper. If Yes, Than lets start down this rabbit hole together and see where it goes! The Truth is waiting!



Ron Bender

I can only show you the door. You are the one who must walk through it. FREE YOUR MIND!!