freedomfrom fear

Recently, I was awoken before three in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I thought, I need more sleep! But then I realized, Even more I need the Lord. This is an opportunity for me to meditate on his words to me.

But as I sat praying on the couch in the dark I was ambushed by anxious thoughts! I lost my job, may lose my house, where will we go. Doubts and criticisms started jumping out at me: "Have you really heard God is he really there? As I write this I think to my self "what makes you think that what you have to offer is so important to anyone? You've made big mistakes in your life. Not many people will make use of these "Bytes". People won't keep supporting this ministry. You're going to fail. Give it up and turn back."

I realized that it was the Father of Lies and Accuser of Christ's followers attacking me (John 8:44, Revelation 12:10) and so I kept reciting Psalm 23, the Lord's Prayer, and other Scriptures, including a simple Breath Prayer of the heart that's a frequent lifeline for me: "In Christ alone my soul finds rest… Selah" (from Psalm 62:1, 5).

I thank God that by his grace I wasn't consumed with anxious fear, tossing and turning in distress. Yes, our future is uncertain, but I know that if we put our trust in Christ he will lead us. I believe I've heard God and he will provide for all the needs. But if things don't work out like I want or if in some way I seem to fail that is okay too: God loves me and I am obeying what I've understood him to ask me to do. However things turn out, I look to God to use the situation for our spiritual formation in Christ.

Then I remembered that Deb had another bad dream the night before: She usually does when the stress level is high. It was cold, rainy, and gloomy! I do believe in dreams as a way to find insight yet I also understand that dreams reflect our emotional state. I trust that we will place our fears and anxiousness into Gods hands.

God's Words, My Life Line

I grabbed onto my lifeline: "In Christ alone my soul finds rest… Selah." Thank you Lord that you have helped Deb to take courage. She knows that there are many others who are in need as well. Give us the strength to continue in spite to the view we have.

Then I sensed the His coming to me in a personal way. I sat in my chair and started to write another "Byte of truth". I started by writing in my journal:

I sit alone in the dark,

A quiet spot my heart rest,

On my knees before you, Lord,

resting in your word,

Sunrise Comes,

Still I wait.

As the light is piercing the darkness,

So your word is piercing my soul,

Humbly before you I kneel Lord,

As The Light over takes the Darkness,

I see the cross diminishing the darkness,

As my fears move into strength.

What are you saying to me:

There comes a time when a leader is alone in the dark. That time is now for you. No one can take this next step for you. So wait and He will guide you.

Ahead of you is a wall of fear. I am with you, but you can't see me. I am the risen Christ and I walk through walls (John 20:19-23). Take courage. Take my hand and follow me through the wall and into the unknown. The hand I offer you is my words – from the Scriptures, words like these that I speak to your heart.

Listen, wait and Trust me. Take the next step.

The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling......

Strengthened by these words we can continue to focus. As we lead others on the path from loneliness, grief, anxiety, job insecurity, marital conflict, or family concerns. Many people don't have a lot of safe places to be vulnerable. They often feel that the sky is falling every day all around them. They wait for the other shoe to drop. The heartbeat of Bible Bytes is to help people, normal people, allow God's word to direct their lives. To live in the truth of God's reality and not our own lies that we believe.

I hope that my story encourages you also. Maybe you are hurting or facing a challenge and need to trust that God is with you as you take a step of faith in the dark? May you also hold onto the hand of Christ and follow him step-by-step so that you can be a blessing to others. Remember its not about you! Its about God! He is all about us. We need to be there for each other. A true Leader lifts people up never pushes people down.