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Bender Consulting partners with faith-based non profit organizations to provide comprehensive business, legal and financial solutions. Bender represents all types and sizes of non-profit organizations and specializes in strengthening the foundations of faith-based organizations to help them serve their communities more effectively. Bender offers a variety services that create sustainable, financially responsible establishments.


Five Steps To Success

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Analysis
  3. Solution Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Review and Monitoring

Initial Consultation

The first thing we want to do is to meet and discuss your needs in general terms to make sure that we are a good fit for your current challenge and your organization in general.   If we all agree to take the next step, we will prepare a proposal outlining the general approach we are suggesting along with estimated costs. 


Once we have developed a proposal that suits your needs and it has been approved, we will begin the analysis stage. This is when we begin our detailed research concerning your specific needs.  This can take different forms depending upon the type of problem we are addressing, but the end result will be an analysis document spelling out what the specific issues are that need to be addressed.  In the event that your own management team has already clearly defined the source of the problem, this stage may consist of little more than interviews with your management and/or other staff.


After the analysis stage we then develop the detailed solution document. This will be the document explaining what the final solution will look like.  This could contain the suggested changes to team models, process flows, client relationship management and such.  If part of the solution requires new technology, this will be the specifications against which the end solution is tested.


During the implementation stage we actually develop or assist in the development of the final solution. This is when processes are changed, people are trained and software is written.  This stage, like the others, may look different depending on what type of solution is being provided, but it will always be when we start seeing the plan put in place.

Review and Monitoring

Once the plan has been implemented we can then start looking for the desired results. Some solutions, especially those related to organizational behavior and group dynamics will require monitoring to ensure follow through.  No matter what type of solution is implemented, it is important to monitor how it is operating and whether it is providing the desired results.

The first step is always free!

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We would love the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and ways that we can help.

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