What is a Grant Writer?

A grant writing consultant is someone who performs grant proposal writing, or, one who guides a non-profit's staff in it. Either way, the grant writing consultant needs to be very skilled in the art of grant proposal writing.

Grants are basically free money, which is given to individuals, businesses, or organization, deemed qualified by foundations based on the criteria for that specific grant. Every grant is meant to be for its own specific purpose and the grant is then awarded to the applicant who best meets this purpose.

This site is not intended to make you a grant writer by its own merit. It will help you understand all the complicity that will be involved in researching and writing grants. First, you must be educated. Next you will need to get experience. In this site I freely give you some of my experience and research that will guide you to write your own proposals. 

Lets be honest here. I represent Bender Consulting and would be honored to represent your organization as a professional grant writer, fundraiser, or business consultant. It is not my desire to offer you this information only to see you fail or worse, never attempt to see it through. Our firm has the recourses, skills, and talents to successfully see your project to completion. I personally feel that with out an experience consultant your organization will not achieve all that it could by hiring a firm dedicated to "show you the Money" 

With that said I welcome you to the field and art of grant writing. I hope you enjoy the free stuff, ponder on some of the articles, become educated on social ills and above all find your way. My goal is to make this a better world than how I found it. Let us know if this has been helpful for you. Please contact us soon.







Ronald L Bender

President/CEO, Bender Consulting





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