Common Ground:
    A  Cross-cultural Self-directed Learner's
          Internet Guide
       (Web Version is Just Below)

by Frank Odasz


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                     Table of Contents

*Use of This Guide for Trainers and for Fund-raising

About This Guide
       Unprecedented Self-empowerment Potential
       Cross-Cultural Emphasis

Preparation for Getting Online
       How to Get Your Own Home Computer or Laptop
       How to Get Your Own Local Internet Access Account  
       Build on the Best Resources Available 
       The Special Mindset for Success!
       Computer Literacy Primer
       How Computers Can Help Build Community
       Key Issues for Youth Using the Internet

Four Fundamental Historical Firsts

       A Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Empowerment
       The Four Levels of Internet Self-Empowerment

Level One:
The Power of a Self-Directed Learner

       Quickstart Awareness Activities
       Gearing Up with Free Web Tools

       Master Web-Browsing
       Checklist Activity: Browsing and Cut and Paste Basics
       The Internet Style of Learning Essay

Quick Web Tours
       Must-See Fun Web Tour
       Personal and Family Health Care Web Tour
       Parenting and Child Safety Web Tour
       Kid's Web Tour
       Student Research Tools Web Tour
       Preschool and Primary Web Tour
       Adult Literacy Web Tour
       Free Learning and Other Freebies Web Tour
       General Educational Web Tour
       Teachers' Tools Web Tour

Internet Searching Basics - Checklist Activity
       Creating Your Own Web Tours
       Great Search Engines and Searching Tutorials

Level Two:
The Power of Self-Publishing, Globally

       Web Authoring Quickstart Awareness Activities
       Creating a Web Page with Netscape Communicator Composer
       Creating a Resources Web Page with HTML
       Easiest Web Page Authoring Resources
       Advanced Web Page Authoring Resources
       Instructional Web Authoring
       HTML Web Authoring Tutorials
       Free Web Collaboration Tools
       Best Free Software Sites

Eight Levels of Web-Based Self-Expression
        Text Files
        Active Hyperlinks
        Image Files
        Audio Files
        Video Files
        Animation Files
        Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML) Files
        CGI Data-handling programmed Files

Level Three:
The Power of Building Learning Communities
Through Internet Collaboration, Mentoring, and Teaching

        Quickstart Awareness Activities
        Distance Learning Key Issues
        Online Mentorship Key Issues
        Mentoring Models and Resources
        K-12 Projects Web Tour
        Building Individual and Community Collaborative Capacity
        Resources for Designing Collaborative Projects

Building Cultural Learning Communities
       Culturally Appropriate Ecommerce
       Cultural Entrepreneurship and Crafts Marketing
       Multi-cultural Resources and K-12 Projects
       Cultural Survival Resources
       Global Development Resource Organizations
       Alaskan Native Innovations Web Tour        

The Top Ten Internet Collaborative Tools
        1. Email
        2. Listservs - Mailing Lists
        3. Newsgroups
        4. BBS's - Bulletin Board Systems
        5. Web-conferencing
        6. Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
        7. MUDS/MOOS
        8. Iphone and Internet Radio
        9. Desktop Video Conferencing
       10. VRML Chat Systems

Online Courses and Learning Pathways

       A Highly Recommended First Online Course
       Courses on Creating Your Own Online Courses
       Culture Specific and Citizen-Created Courses
       Online Course Sources for Professional Development
       Distance Learning Clearinghouses and Virtual Universities

Level Four:
The Power of Citizenship and Enlightened Expectations
Public Problem-solving, Learning-to-Earn and Electronic Democracy
        Quickstart Awareness Activities
       Building Learning Communities Web Tour
       Ecommerce Start-up Training Resources Web Tour
       Community Network Planning Guides
       Community Network Models
       Electronic Democracy WebTour
       Federal Government Resources
       Community networking; Leveraging the Public Good
       Innovation Diffusion -Looking at the Process of Change
       Grantwriting Tips and Funding Sources

Train the Trainers Resources - Everyone a Teacher
        Use of This Guide for Trainers
       Hosting An Ideal Community Workshop
       Leading with Digital Art, Music and Photography to
       Promote Gender Equity and Broadest Interest
       Workshop Presentation Tools and Resources
       A Youth-Based Community Internet Awareness Workshop
       Digital Storytelling to Raise Awareness
       Internet Training Resources

K-100 Essential Resources
    School Technology Planning Guidelines
       Media and Visual Literacy
       Authorized Usage Policies
       Copyright Guidelines

K-100 Topical Web Tours
        Math Web Tour
        Science Web Tour
        English Web Tour
        Arts Web Tour
        Foreign Language Web Tour
        Social Studies Web Tour
        Internet History Web Tour

K-100 BEST Curriculum Resources
      School and Community Internet Collaborative Services
        State and Multi-state Curriculum Standards
        Lesson Plans Archives
        Online K-100 Courses  
        Homeschooling Resources