How Do You Look?

Mirror Mirror on the Wall..... If you were to stand back and look at your organization like looking in the mirror would you like what you see. Would there be wrinkles, hair to fix, or pimples to pop? What you look like is very important. Just as if you were going out on a date, presenting your self to the public or perspective funders is very much the same. You need to look your best.

Pictures on a website and stories in the news are much like putting on make up. True beauty as you have been told is with in. Make up can be important but lets go beyond the surface.

Steps To Improve Your Image

  1. A strong Board. With out a strong board of directors, the executive director and staff are expected to not only have the vision for what the organization can become, but also to do all of the work. Boards are the driving force in the planning of the future for nonprofits. Building an effective board is similar to creating a winning sports team. Recruiting talented players that fit the team and training them to play their best are key ingredients to improve the image of an organization.
  2. A Business Plan. What the business/organization wants (in terms of time goals, profit goals,productivity goals, and required financing) Break financing into large segments – startup, pilot testing, operations, progress monitoring, etc.
  3. A simple Budget. One way to ensure that your organization is transparent and accountable financially is to be able to explain it to others so it makes sense. Developing a budget based on Mission as well as organizational goals and objectives will build trust between community, funders, and those who benefit from the organization. Said budget should be available for view and explained by knowledgable people.
  4. Media Coverage With the current trend of media covering sensational news, ` nonprofits can choose to frame their pitch as something unusual or extreme. Originality can make a story stand out in the stack of pitches in a reporter’s inbox. Nonprofits may be surprised what names may draw the media’s interest; sometimes even involving local celebrities in the story can help a nonprofit’s pitch. This could include speakers at an event, well-respected staff members, big name funders or partnerships. The Image that is presented here can be used to gain funding support.
  5. An Effective Website While each nonprofit’s website serves a difference purpose and connects with a difference audience, there are several trends in effective website development that can be used by nonprofits. The Image you project on the internet may be a first impression to many funders and beneficiaries.
  6. Qualified Staff There is nothing that will give you an excellent image than a qualified staff. Nonprofit organizations often cut back on staff due to the high cost of employment. The term "qualified" can be confusing, many times education alone does not make one "qualified" to be a key staff member life experience can not be over looked.

More Than Skin Deep

Much of what makes up an organization is not quickly observed by outsiders. Transparency promotes good will and trust. This is the under the skin beauty that we all need for success to take place. When we hide behind our cause, mission, or any other outside attractiveness the image will be lost along with forward motion.

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