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What is Mind Bender?

Let me introduce myself. Hello my name is Ron Bender and yes Mind Bender is a play on my name. I thought by having a little fun I could also share some very important information. Can I ask you a few questions?

Q: "Have you ever believed in something only to find out that what you believed was a lie? Have you wanted to give God a chance but just did not really know if he existed'?" To know something is far more powerful and rewarding than to believe in something. I used to believe in Santa Clause and the Easter bunny, but no matter how beautiful my mother would color those eggs, I finally figured out the truth. However disappointing it was, I would rather Know the truth than believe a lie.


I have learned over the years that to succeed in life you need to be flexible. Not like play dough that is changing all the time but like steel that will bend given the right amount of force.  Changing your mind, your habits, or even your beliefs should only be done when you have the facts and understanding that what you are changing to is the truth. 


Mind Bender is a collection of facts and knowledge that will help you understand. It will show you the truth. The truth is that God does not bend we do. To understand who God is we have to be willing to Bend. But I will warn you of one thing. Its the truth. Can you handle the truth? For me to be able to handle the truth I needed to think differently. I needed to stop believing lies. I needed to bend my mind around the knowledge of God. We all know that steel is more useful when we can bend it and make it for different purposes.


This is the concept of Mind Bender. I have searched for answerers and knowledge, I didn't just want to believe in God because my parents taught me. Lets face it they were the ones that taught me about Santa Clause and the Easter bunny, I wanted to know God, if he existed. It is easier to say I believe than to say I know. When you know something you can usually back it up with facts or evidence. I believed in God all my life, but to my regret I can only say that I have known Him  these past few years. Who is this God? Is there really a God? How can I believe something I cannot see? If I just knew for sure I would gladly give up everything.....so I said.

I needed to gather the facts. I needed to know the truth. Can I find  happiness in my life without having a need for God?  Many people enjoy financial wealth, a loving family, and few problems in life. However, no matter how much happiness  we find somehow it is empty and quickly forgotten. We are always searching for the next thing that will make us happy.

All of these questions were looming me in the face one day. I had to make a choice. On the one hand I could go on with life with out a care for a God I didn't understand. On the other hand if there is a God than I really do need to think differently. I wanted to know once and for all Does God Exist?  There was a time that I blindly believed in a God I could not see or prove his existence. For a time I had found happiness blindly going along my way. Now I am older and wiser and able to think for myself I needed to do my research. I needed to understand if there was a God. There must be evidence that will prove it one way or the other.

Think of it like this. Riding a tricycle seems fun to a child, but later if that child grows up and drives a Porsche, the tricycle seems pretty boring. You might think you've got all you'd ever wanted in life, but you might be saying that from the perspective of someone riding a tricycle. If God is real than he must be the Porsche. He must be great. So I wanted to know Him. Know Him for sure.

Maybe you never drove a Porsche but once you have nothing else will compare to it. So it is with God nothing compares with His love and grace. Nothing else will give you more peace and contentment.  Not only will it bend your mind but it will change you completely. I learned that God bends us and transforms us into something that he can use for His purpose. He had something great for me as long as I was flexible and willing to be bent. I was (as it says in Romans 1) "suppressing" the knowledge of God? The evidence for His existence was all around me, yet I was not wanting to acknowledge Him? Humm...maybe that's where you are? 

I don't wish for everyone to believe as I do. I only want to share the facts and the science that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a God. Not just a God to believe in But a God to know and have a relationship with. So take this journey with me and  explore the existence of GOD!  Welcome To:


By: Ron Bender

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