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Bender Consulting plays an important role in providing Services for Non-profit projects in many communities around the country.  Providing these services include sharing of information, supporting our clients and enhancing the quality of the overall image of our client's organization. 

Each organization we work with have unique needs from housing homeless people to constructing new buildings. Today's issues can be tomorrows victories when Non-profit organizations join hands with private agencies, Foundations, as well as  government institutions.

Significant problem areas, such as Addiction, sexual risk behavior, violence against women, abuse of children, and the eradication of Homelessness are but a few giant problems we enjoy finding funds for. However, funds are not the most important aspect of a successful campaign. Developing structure with in an organization is vital to the welfare of a program and the community. Before money can be spent structure needs to be put in place. Let us help you to battle the Giants of social ills in your community. 

Beyond the activities of  finding funds we offer Grant Writing workshops, inspirational speaking, image campaigns, and a host of resources to connect people to people. We hope you benefit from the the resources here. You will soon begin to understand how you can get lost at sea. Let us at Bender Consulting help you find the way.


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