Professional Consulting

For our purpose here at Bender Consulting a "Consultant" is a person or firm with a wide range of experiences that will guide a person or organization to its desired destiny. Bender Consulting has years of experience working with non-profits which will maximize the effectiveness of your goal, program, and mission. We are here to help you achieve success as we become a part of YOUR over all vision.

It Takes Many Pieces To Complete Your Puzzle

Many times it is not just one piece to your puzzle that is needed. A consultant will be able to see the BIG picture and help to find each piece and rightly connect to each other piece.Our consultants use their expertise to help you realize this goal.

Solution Expertise

Our consultants have the expertise to ensure you get the most from your solution.

Interactive Services

Our experienced consultants make establishing a world-class web presence easy and stress-free.

Nonprofit Expertise

Our consultants use their expertise as fundraisers, Big Four consultants, CPAs, and technology experts to help you realize your goals.

They come from a variety of backgrounds in the nonprofit world. From former Directors, Teachers, production specialist, CPAs, our staff has first-hand knowledge of the complexities and issues facing organizations. Coupled with our record of assisting many clients throughout the years, our experience enables our staff to utilize industry Best Practices to ensure your aspirations are met. We are equipped to bridge the gap from organizational mission to solutions that enable your goals to become reality.

We Have The Tools

Our award-winning support team & sales representatives are here to help!

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