Understand What Social Fundraising Is

Fundraising is the art of connecting to people and organizations and mobilizing them to support your organization with money, services, goods, knowledge, time and moral support. It is an on-going person to person process which provides the financial resources necessary to create and maintain sustainable, high quality services. This does not mean that fundraising is strictly money-related. It is in essence ‘friend-raising’. Fundraising is about cultivating relationships, developing support for your project, raising awareness and involving people in your dream. If you’re thinking of fundraising think outside the box?

Traditional methods of baking cookies, cakes , and holding carwashes are but the tip of the iceberg. If you are working towards a church fundraiser involve your congregation. Make sure that each person understands what they are expected to do and how they can be part of the goal. Whatever fundraiser you decide on, community spirit will win every time. Don't be the fool and do it own your own.

Learn theories and concepts of fundraising as you understand  your community and their needs. Listen to what your people truly desire to do and how they want to be involved. Research what others are doing  and apply practical cases and situations.  Try to discover skills and talents of people with in your group or community that will be able to contribute to your campaign. There are several methods of  fundraising that can be tailored to your needs. 

A successful campaign will mean that your organization will benefit, the community will benefit and your goals will be met. Involving a professional leader can make the difference to your bottom line. Bender Consulting  can help to ensure that you benefit fully before, during, and after each fundraising event. Contact our office for further information before setting out on your own.


Its all about People Helping People

All the effort that goes into a campaign will be wasted if money is the only goal. Coming out of a fundraising event with more friends, partners, and connections will be more valuable than the any finical goal.

Where Are The People?

Before you begin your work you need to find the right people to join you in your quest. 


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