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A Word from Our President: Ron Bender

Being connected is a vital aspect of life. Weather you are looking for a job, a car, or just planning a trip across the country having connections can ease the way to find what your looking for.

This is what Bender Consulting is all about. Helping you find the way! Keeping you connected to the latest information. As you navigate through this site you will see that we provide many links, resources, and helpful information that can lead you in the right direction. 

Many years ago I would keep all kinds of maps in my glove compartment as I took a trip. I could get pretty darn close on my own. Nine times out of ten I would get to the town and would have to ask someone for directions to the exact location I was seeking. A local person could be vital because they know the area and could direct me around any recent obstacles such as construction or bridges that are out. Today we have the GPS. You put the address in and you get the information you are seeking. Yet even with this high tech information if it is not kept up to date you can still end up in a field.

This is exactly how I see our organization working for you. Like a GPS system we have the information to guide your organization to its funding destination. By keeping our data base current and our staff updated with the latest information we can help you navigate through piles of paper work, red tape, and thousands of listings.

This web-site is not intended nor could it be used to direct you to funding sources. What it will do is give you the information needed to get connected with people, sites, and information that can help you. By getting connected with Bender Consulting you will have access to all of our connections as well. 



Ronald L. Bender


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