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Domestic Abuse is every where mostly because we let it, don't understand it, or just ignore it. We let it go on because we have so many "rights". We don't understand it because we are uneducated. We ignore it because we don't want to get involved. This page is dedicated to stop abuse by educating and providing help to all. Even if you don't have a problem in your home your child, your spouse, and even your self can be abused away from home. Follow along with us as we discover together how we can stop abuse.



You Don't Have To Hit A Woman To Be A Man?

“Oh she deserved it. She knows I love her when I do it”

“This is what a Man does. Men control their women”

There is nothing more repulsive to me than when a man decides he has the right to hit a woman. That somehow it is OK. We have started to address bullies in the school and yet we allow them in our homes. We allow a spouse to physically, verbally, and emotionally abuse the family. Is it right? Somehow we see it as a right. If its a right than we should re-think the constitution.  But the truth of the matter is not that simple. 

We need to understand that violence can come in many forms and many times so slowly that we don’t see it coming. This is why we need to be alert looking for the signs and symptoms of abuse. Caught early and dealt with can save not only the victims but also the abusers. Please follow along with us as we keep discussing this social issue.

"If What you believe is not the truth, than how you live is a lie" We must find the truth so we can truly live.



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