Homelessness on the rise

It does not take long for one to travel in the city and see first hand the hand that is outstretched. We can ignore the hand, overlook the stranger, or even bypass those who surly need help. But who really needs our help? Some could possibly help themselves? Isn't there shelters for them? Do they have to be on the streets? Do these questions come across your mind or have we gotten so callous that we just avoid them all together? There are many myths out there that are easy to believe. This Page is dedicated to inform people and to tell  the truth about Homelessness?  (Do You Want To Know The Truth?)

I was deeply offended one day by a comment from a friend. He said that he blames people for being left out or pushed out and too lazy to enter into our society. Nothing could be further from the truth. Choices are constrained for those who have been systematically locked out of the nation's prosperity.

Locked out of prosperity?

There's not much choice between a rock and a hard place. But of course, such a world view lets governments off the hook. It denies the reality of the social problem and eases our own conscience.

When I was forced to engage with what was happening in people's lives I was able to see the bigger picture emerging. I found myself being completely re-educated on the causes of inequality and how these social relations intersected in the lives of the people who were pushed to the edges of society. Have you ever locked yourself out of your house, your car, than you can understand a little bit of the feeling that can go with making a choice that leaves you out in the rain. 

Perhaps that choice was to drop out of school for a fulltime job, join the military, or just marry a not so bright pick of the litter. Every choice may seem small and insignificant at the time but each one can be dominos waiting to fall. Sometimes the dominos fall just because they do. 

I have learned over the years that people tend to be cruel. They don't even know they are. They stare at accidents on the roadway, look onward when its uncomfortable, and plainly say I don't have as they walk along minding their own business. Does it wonder anyone when our children act out cruelly in school. We don't have to punch or be mean verbally as do our small counterparts but we are cruel just the same. 

If you have started to look at the information presented here and go on you way than yes, I would say that's cruel. If you continue to search for ways that you can help meet a need in your own neighborhood, volunteer time, donate to shelters, than I would say that you have begun a journey that will be more rewarding than you can ever give back.

We all are guilty of locking out people from Prosperity. We do it while we look the other way. We do as we live in a house with several empty bedrooms. We lock out people from the warm comfort of a home purely for our own peace of mind. Living in Tanzania East Africa for Three years has broaden my perspective, I now see things as they could be or maybe should be. People taking care of people. Next time you see that person holding a sign and stretching out a hand I hope that different thoughts go through your mind.


It Is Time To Be Kind

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