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What do you do when you've been mistreated or someone did you wrong. Who do you call in the middle of the night for help when a brother is attacking you? You Pray and God does not seem to answer your prayers? How do you pray when God seems distant and unconcerned about your pain or what you are going through?

You're Not Alone in your Stormy Dark Night.

At one time or another we all are likely to go through a Stormy Dark Night that just seems to swallow us up and feels like it will never end. God has not abandoned us. God is not angry with us. We're going through a season of spiritual dryness or darkness but it does not mean that we're not good Christ-followers. In fact, it's more likely to mean that we are devoted to the Lord. Like Job who did not understand His Stormy Dark Night

I first want to clarify that this in not unlike "The dark night of the soul". A Stormy Dark Night as you know can happen many times in our lives, and it will become a soul-searching experience. I did not want to mistake it for what people call "the dark night of the soul". As I have looked over the Web I found many people claim to have such experiences yet do not relate it to a spiritual struggle. As for me it is a spiritual struggle.

In the Stormy Dark Night we tend to feel alone, but we're not! Many of our Bible heroes went through these trials: Job, Joseph, Jeremiah, the Psalmist, Peter. Jesus himself went through A Stormy Dark Night in the Garden of Gethsemane when he sweat drops of blood, and on the cross when he cried out, "My God, my God why have you forsaken me?" (Psalm 22:1). So, we are in good company.

My Stormy Dark Night

I have been around long enough to learn that not all people who claim to be lovers of God have a pure heart for God. I have learned that we all have sinned and we continue to sin. This is what happen to me when betrayed by a Christian brother in ministry. The arrow that he placed in my back was the start of a long Stormy Dark Night that crushed my plans,  defeated  my dreams. It was not until much later that I realized God had other plans, other dreams for my life.

Maybe It was a test or perhaps a trial to see how fit I had become for his kingdom. I will never know the reasons why I just know that Jesus had been with me through the Stormy Dark Night. Lucky for me I also had a few faithful brothers who believed in me. When I felt the lowest Jesus reached out His hand and grab my arm just before I sank into the depth of the dark. "Why have you doubted me" I could hear Him say. I looked at the Storm, saw the lighting, and heard the thunder, "It was hard Lord" I would repeat over and over again. It was hard! Wow looking back I see how small a matter it really was. I understand now, how the stone can shapen the blade.

A Stormy Dark Night can be depressing, but it's not the same thing as depression. You can be in a Stormy Dark Night and be rejoicing in the Lord. You can still be depressed while believing that God loves you. You can hear the sounds of the thunder and see the flashing of the lighting and still have hope and joy Knowing that Jesus is still by your side.

There were times that I had no feelings for Jesus or did not feel like singing and praising God. Now, I understand that spiritual things are not about feelings, it is about knowledge. It is about knowing that God is with me. I may not be able to "Feel" his presence, yet I "Know" He is with me. Psalm 23  has become more meaningful for me. It is my go to Psalm for many reasons.

A Prayer for the Stormy Dark Night

The Psalmist teaches us how to pray in the Stormy Dark Night. Psalm 44 by the Sons of Korah is a great example. "My Storm In The Night" is a prayer I wrote inspired by Psalm 44. It's a prayer for when you're in a Stormy Dark Night to help you prevail with God. It's a prayer for when you're not in a Stormy Dark Night to help you cultivate confidence in God so that when darkness falls you'll continue to trust God and worship Him. It's a prayer to offer for someone else who is going through a Stormy Dark Night.

For the choir director: A psalm of the descendants of Korah.

Oh Lord where are you
Please do for me as our Fathers
You gave them the promise land
You defeated their enemies

It was your brilliance of truth
Your everlasting love for them
That defeated the foe without the sword
Come now to me with your strong arm

I do not count my sword to save me
Only you oh Lord can rescue me.
From the lying lips of the pagan's mouth
You oh Lord know my heart and love Me.

It is like you tossed me aside with dishonor
I have retreated in this dark night, for my soul
Yearns for your protection and Light.
I once again yearn for your light and power

I am the object of scorn and the butt of jokes
I have not forgotten you or strayed from the path
Yet you have crushed me in front of my enemies
I will praise you at night and tell of your goodness

Look my way once again and see your servant
Raise up, help me, pour your healing oil over me.
See my heart with your unfailing Love
On my knees, my face in dirt singing praise

God brings in the morning

It was like the sun took an extra long time getting ready to come up. I was waiting and waiting and at last the light became brighter and the evil shadows was lifted. I praised him continuously all through the night. Do not let the evil one have his way with you. It is hard when people disappoint you and have evil in their hearts. But God will triumph over all sin and storms. He will be the true savior and friend.