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worry free

The Lord is still king!

If You have been following the Bytes along the way then you have already learned that Words are Powerful! Words can change your Life, your reality, and the words we needed to here one day after 9-11 and now ten years later are no different.

This is one thing you don’t hear about 9-11 and it’s the most important thing. Until you trust these words you will always be fearful and will not be able to come in a position of strength to give God’s comfort to the grieving or his justice to the oppressed.

“This world is a perfectly safe place to be… as long as you’re in the Kingdom of God.”

If ever there was a day that we’re reminded that we are not safe it is 9-11. There are terrorists in our world! There are untold thousands of people in America and around the world who are grieving because a loved one was killed by a terrorist.

The Kingdom of God

Yes, these are frightening and sad realities in our world today. But we need to know the truth about Reality that Jesus was always reminding us of. There is a greater reality, which Jesus was talking about and demonstrating: the Kingdom of God.

God’s kingdom is not just a far off place for when we die—it is present wherever Jesus Christ is Lord (Luke 17:21). He is the King and he’s alive and acting in grace and power with his hosts of angel armies all around you right now. Two books I have read and really liked even though they are fiction, they do paint a realistic reality of God's Kingdom. They are written by Frank Peretti the titles are: "This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness" I do not usually recommend books of fiction but theses are very interesting reads.

If we learn to live in terms of the reality of the kingdom of the heavens in our midst rather than the visible world we live in then we will have peace—even in stress, even if we’re endangered, even if we’re harmed or killed.

worry free
The Psalmist’s “No Fear” Prayer

3,000 years ago the Psalmist was in a time of darkness, surrounded by enemies, and dealing with bad news. He knew the Lord as his ever-present refuge and fortress. He anticipated the coming of the Christ and his kingdom and he prayed for himself and us, that we would not be shaken, but would be like the gracious and compassionate and righteous man: “He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord” (Psalm 112:7).

    I find it helpful to pray the Psalms to Jesus, the one who fulfilled all the prophecies and all the righteousness of the Psalms. So I pray that verse this way:

    • “Jesus, I hold you in my heart… I have no fear.”

    As a Breath Prayer, I breathe in with a whisper: “Jesus, I hold you in my heart…” And I breathe out with a whisper, “I have no fear.” Inhaling the peace of Christ… Exhaling fear.

    I also use it in intercession for others:

    • “Jesus, may ______ hold you in her heart… May she have no fear.”

    Psalm 91 is a psalm I turn to often for myself and others when feelings of fear come.

    Smile in your Storm” explains how Jesus remained at peace when he and his disciples were in a boat on the Sea of Galilee and being pounded by a terrible storm that threatened their lives. Do you think Jesus Knew something they did not know? I will Save that for another Bible Byte

    Faith In God