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Gasping For Air

Much of who I am comes from my spiritual mentors (Which have been to numerous to count). The same is true for you. The men or women who you have looked to as "Christ’s Ambassadors" are used by God to shape you into the person who you are today. Those who are not Christians also have "mentors" weather they know it or not. You see them following pop culture, hero worship, sports stars, movie stars, and many others who influence them in the way that they make choices and live their lives. But as for the Christian we do need Ambassadors that help us along our daily struggles.(2 Corinthians 5:20). Nurturing those relationships and memories is vital.

I especially remember Mel Huyard. He was a mentor who not only helped me see things clearly spiritually but walked the life in all he did. Its not what he said that impressed me so much. It was how he lived. He looked me in the eyes as we were talking over lunch one day: “Ron, be like Jesus. Be all and only for Jesus! Be on fire and let your life flame out for his kingdom!”

Be All and Only for Jesus

Gasping For Air

“Be all and only for Jesus.” That’s how Mel lived and it’s how he will die. “Spiritually, Mel is strong,” I remember one day that my wife and I had a very serious issue to deal with. As we shared with him it was like gasping desperately for air. Mel was in control of his spirit and helped us through it. My heavy breathing eventually subsided. He directed us on a path that would enable us to withstand the wild winds of the storm. ‘This is God’s gift to Mel!’—He so totally trusted the Lord.”. "Here is a picture of Mel as he took me for one of many rides when I did not have a car."

The situation might not have worked out the way we all wanted it to work out but indeed I made it through knowing the it would not destroy me. Mel guided us through the storm with wisdom and a sense of direction that was built on Gods compass.

I keep thinking about Mel and how he subdued my gasping for air. Even in those frightening, painful moments in which My wife and I couldn't breathe he relied on Jesus and rejoiced in him.

It’s easy to forget that spiritually we’re all gasping for air continually, desperate for the spiritual oxygen that only comes as we trust in the Lord Jesus who breathes his Spirit into us (John 20:22).

Take a moment now to thank God for someone who has encouraged you to “Be all and only for Jesus.” It’s the breath of life for your soul!

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