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The Gospel of John, from the New Testament:

Here are all the chapters for the book of John. Each chapter has a corresponding video that will bring some unique enjoyment as you digest the chapter. For me, I would slowly go through each chapter so that you may get as much out of each verse as possible. I hope you enjoy your walk in the word.

  1. Chapter 1Jesus--always God, became flesh (verses 1-14)
  2. Chapter 2Jesus' first miracle--turning water to wine (verse 11)
  3. Chapter 3How a person can have eternal life (verses 15, 16)
  4. Chapter 4The Messiah, the Savior of the world (verses 25, 26, 42)
  5. Chapter 5Jesus is God (verses 18, 23)
  6. Chapter 6To believe in Jesus is to have eternal life (verse 40, 47)
  7. Chapter 7People trying to understand who Jesus was (verses 25, 26,31)
  8. Chapter 8How to gain freedom, forgiveness from sin (verses 24, 31, 32)
  9. Chapter 9Jesus heals a man born blind, and those spiritually blind
  10. Chapter 10Like a shepherd, Jesus protects/gives life (verses 10, 11, 28)
  11. Chapter 11Jesus brings a friend back to life; leading to his own death (verses 43, 48, 53)
  12. Chapter 12Some believed; others gave in to peoples' approval (verse 11, 42, 43)
  13. Chapter 13Jesus teaches his disciples to serve & love others (verse 14, 35)
  14. Chapter 14Jesus is the way, truth, life--offers to love us (verses 6, 21)
  15. Chapter 15Jesus tells us to rely on him (verses 5, 9, 10, 16)
  16. Chapter 16Trinity--the Holy Spirit will guide, bring glory to Jesus (verses 13, 14, 15)
  17. Chapter 17Jesus prays to the Father, just prior his crucifixion
  18. Chapter 18Jesus is betrayed and arrested
  19. Chapter 19Jesus is beaten, mocked, crucified till death, buried
  20. Chapter 20The tomb is found opened; Jesus appears to Mary, to the disciples, then to Thomas (verses 6, 7, 18, 20, 27)
  21. Chapter 21Jesus appears again to his disciples

Ron Bender

Below, first selection, is a page called Lectio Divina. I know what you are thinking "Lectio What??" Lectio Divina is a meditative way of reading the Bible. It dates back to the early centuries of the Christian Church and was established as a practice in the 6th century. Today we have lost some of these insightful ways of praying the scriptures that leads us to deeper understanding of God's word. If the Bible, and all the writings within, are the words of God then we should fully understand what He is trying to communicate to us. The important thing is that you start reading and asking questions. Enjoy!

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