We Need To Bend To God




Is God important?

      What if I don't accept or reject God?
      Why do I need God to be happy?
      Did we get here by random chance?
      Why doesn't God perform a spectacular miracle and prove himself?
      Why worship a God who allows a child being raped?

Who is God?

      Could God be a woman?
      Who is the Holy Spirit?
      Can you explain the Trinity?
      Does it matter which God you call to?
      Is God totally different from us?

Questions about Jesus

      How do we know Jesus ever really lived?
      Is Jesus God?
      Is Jesus the only way?
      What does it mean to "trust" Jesus?
      What does Jesus offer us?
      Does it matter if the gospels are accurate about Jesus?


      What's the difference between Christ and world religions?
      Is there a difference between Catholic and Christian?
      Can you develop spiritual powers through astrology and meditation?
      Can psychic readers and tarot cards give you direction?
      Why don't Jews believe Jesus is the Messiah?
      Aren't all religions just partial truths about God?
      How are Christianity and Islam different?
      Why should someone in Hinduism consider Jesus?
      Hasn't religion been the biggest cause of wars?
      How does a person become a Christian?

What about heaven/hell?

      Is there really a heaven?
      How can a loving God send people to hell?
      What will happen at the end of the world?
      Is it possible for "good people" to wind up in hell?
      What happens when you die?
      Do we have free will?
      Is reincarnation real?

Miracles, things in the Bible

      Did God create the universe in six days?
      Did the miracles in the Bible really happen?
      Does Adam and Eve's original sin have to do with sex?

Questions about the Bible

      What does it mean that the Bible was inspired?
      Does ancient history agree with the Bible?
      Are the gospel accounts of Jesus reliable?
      Has the Bible changed and become corrupted?
      Does archaeology support the Bible?
      Are there contradictions in the Bible?
      What about the gnostic gospels?
      Why 30 to 60 years for the Gospels to be written?

Sex and relationships

      How do you set your sexual standards?
      Is premarital sex wrong? Should we live boring lives?

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