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The Kingdom We are Born In

Has Been Pulled Over Our Eyes Blinding Us From The Truth

The Tale Of Two Kingdoms

"Believe It Or Not, You Are Living In A Matrix-Kingdom!"

We have been thinking of our world as a sort of matrix or system. We start to understand that everyone in it has their own reality—stories and circumstances that creates a version how each person views themselves, others, the rest of creation. Some of those versions hold people back, limit their possibilities and keep people trapped in poverty, homelessness, or other kinds of human suffering. There are versions that create ambition, creativity, and success. Everyone has a different kind of programming so to speak.

In the same way, the system causes us to grow perceptions of one another. It causes constructs of deserving people and undeserving people, us and them. The system decides how things are and what can and cannot change within the system, the world and even ourselves. But at the end of the day, we’re all trapped in the system believing whatever we choose about the world.

These next pages are about two kingdoms. One of these kingdoms you are a part of. They are not imaginary or philosophical constructs. They are very real! The problem has been that you really did not know you were in a kingdom nor did you know that you had a choice. These kingdoms are not political or geographical kingdoms. Rather they are world wide and exist in people’s hearts and minds. Every person in the world belongs to one of these two kingdoms.

Like in the matrix, the vast population go through life oblivious of the real circumstances they are in.

Before we begin we need to know just what a kingdom is. That is so we can compare the two kingdoms. We need to establish certain criteria or characteristics that all kingdoms have in commen. It would be hard to choose if you did not know or understand what you are giving up and what you are gaining. Either way, you will be gainging the truth.

Every Kingdom Has:

  • 1.First there needs to be a monarch. So every kingdom is concerned with having someone crowned and enthroned as ruler.
  • 2.Next, every kingdom has to have a realm or territory over which its monarch rules.
  • 3.That realm must be occupied by citizens.
  • 4.The citizens must abide by certain laws issued by the monarch.
  • 5.The citizens also live by certain distinguishing customs.
  • 6.A kingdom is concerned with its strength and power in conquering and defending.
  • 7.A kingdom is also concerned with its destiny whether it will fall to ruin or rise to glory.

This may seem odd to you right now, but remember you have just woke up.

The Kingdom We Are Born In.

We all have been born into this world without given a choice. We will call this “Kingdom of the world”. This Kingdom needs a ruler. Who do you believe is the ruler of this kingdom?

“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the Gospel of truth” 2 Corinthians 4:4

Who is the "God of this age? We will call him Satan. There are other titles but for our purpose here today this will do. You may not have realized it, but the ruler of this world is Satan. Second, we need a realm. Well, that is simple, it’s the whole world. The citizens are the whole population which were born into this kingdom. They did not know they were citizens or that they had a choice, they are still citizens of this world kingdom. Laws, of course we follow laws they vary from district to district because there would be chaos if there were no laws. We all have customs and traditions which you can probably think of a few in the seconds it takes your brain to process this information. And of course, you live in a world that is obsessed with strength, power, and guns that will protect itself and its citizens. Now, here is the kicker, "Destiny", Satan’s destiny has already been confirmed for his kingdom. His kingdom has been defeated two thousand years ago. Yet no one is told the truth about it's destiny. This is one of those dirty little secrets that stay hidden and covered up. Besides, who wants to live in a defeated kingdom?

You live in a defeated kingdom, So what, your life seems normal. Just like in the beginning of the movie, 'The Matrix.' I mean, not great or anything. But fine. We get up every morning and repeat our programmed daily grind. After all, we are told, repeatedly, we can be whoever we wish to be in this great democracy. We can do anything we desire. The choice is completely our own. So it seems like we are free. You think to yourself, what is wrong with this kingdom? Are we free? We are told time and time again that we are free.

Are we forced to work under threat of physical violence? No, the System assures us. We are not forced to do anything. We are free. We are not kept in chains, and no one whips us if we choose not to work. Oh thank goodness. There are parts of the kingdom that these things do take place. But not here in your domain.

But do you wish to eat? Do you wish to have a place to live? Do you wish to have an education? Do you wish to have a car? Do you wish to provide for your children? Well, then, you must work.

You know, this is sounding rather disturbing. I might just decide that I want nothing to do with any of this, thank you, and I'll go off into nature and make my own place to live and eat food in the wild. Nice try, but that is not permitted. Someone else owns that land so you cannot do that. Huh? As a human being on this planet I cannot live in the natural environment that I was born into and make my own home and forage for my own food? Nope, that is against the law. Instead, you must work.

In the matrix, Neo senses that hidden forces are acting upon him. In real life, we sense it too. That is why you are here. You have made a choice to learn the truth.

Every one of us was born spiritually blindfolded. We could not see the spiritual truth, but today this blindfold will be removed. You can have the opportunity to see clearly. You can understand how we should live, not like fools, but like those who are wise and You can make the most of every opportunity. I know you want to be wise, right? So, let me show you another Kingdom

The Kindom We can choose To Live In

You came this far. Neo also had his disbelief. He said "I don't believe it! It is impossible! Let me out!” You can leave anytime you want. Neo did not have that choice. He already knew that he found the truth and was dealing with it in his heart. I to have had to deal with it when someone told me the truth. By than I knew it was the truth, so I kept going. Just like I know you will also. Meet you down the rabbit hole. We will discover another Kingdom. You will be faced with another choice. But again, like always, it will be the truth.

Follow the rabbit to another kingdom that you can choose!

Don't Roll Your Eyes Just Click On the Rabbit to Follow Down The Hole

I know that this is starting to seem weird if not bazar. Have a little more curiosity and all will be reviled. Then, Like Neo, the process of training will take place. You will have the opportunity to really know yourself, your loved ones and all the people you meet like it was the first time. See you down the rabbit Hole.

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