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What We Believe is not always what is real!.

You Live in a dream world

The Dream World of Your Mind

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"Lets Talk About The World You Live In"

Nothing exists in general. If something is beautiful or good, it is manifest in a particular way at a particular time such that we can know it. And this is our true life. A life lived in a “generalized” manner is no life at all, but only a fantasy. However, this fantasy is increasingly the character of what most people think of or describe as the “real world.” For example:

A monk lives in a monastery. He rises early in the morning and prays. He concentrates his mind in his heart and dwells in the presence of God. He will offer prayers for those who have requested it. He will eat and tend to the work assigned for him to do. And so he lives his day. He works. He prays.

And someone will say, “But what does he know about the real world?” But what can they possibly mean? He walks on the earth. He breathes the same air as we do. He eats as we do and sleeps as we do. How is his world any less real than that of anyone else on the planet?

A man lives in a city. He wakes in the morning, turns on the TV as he gets ready for the day. He dashes out the door (he’s running late). He gets to his car, listens to the news on the radio, takes a couple of calls on his cell phone. He gets to work and for every minute he does something that he thinks of as “work,” he spends at least another checking his email, looking quickly at Facebook, and maybe checking the news.

He gets into an argument at lunch about what should be done somewhere else in the world and who should do it. Angry and distracted, he is frustrated with himself because he swore he was not going to have that same argument today. He goes back to work with the same routine. After work he drops by a bar, has a couple of drinks and decides to stay and watch some of the game. He gets home late and heads to bed.

"Which One Is Living In The Real World?"

If you picked the Monk You would be right. If you picked the city man you would be right also. They are both existing in the real world. The man-in-the-city’s life is “real,” it actually happens. But he is distracted all day from everything at hand. He never notices himself breathing unless he’s out of breath. He swallows his food as quickly as possible. Even the beers he has at the bar are as much for the buzz as for the taste.

If the man refrained from these things his friends might taunt him, “What are you? Some kind of monk?”

One More little story, there is a man who lives in a cabin on a mountain side. He spends his days gathering the food he needs to survive. He enjoys the sounds of the wilderness all around him. As he walks into his cabin after a long day collecting mushrooms and turnups, he places his aluminum hat on the shelf by the wood pile. As he starts to cut up his supper, he hears a noise outside. He grabs his hat and his rifle and heads out the door.

“Those darn aliens” he mutters, as he takes a pot shot at a passing airliner flying overhead. “One of these days I’ll bring those spaceships down and I’ll see what a Martian looks like.” He goes back in his cabin. Angry and frustrated he wonders why those aliens keep coming and going all day long. He putters around waiting and wondering when the next ship will fly over his head. He wears an aluminum hat to stop the brain rays of the aliens from distorting his mind.

Then one day the unthinkable happens. He shoots a plane out of the air killing many people. We all stand back with unbelief as we discover his true intentions. No one knew what the lone hermit had been thinking. He was just a nice man living in the woods all by himself.

I guess you can figure out from the last story which person is not living in the real world. It is not our day-to-day existence that proves we are living in the real world. The real world is in your mind. It is what is inside of you. If the knowledge you have within you is not true, then no, you are not living in the real world. So, the problem is we have been programmed our entire life. This programming is what we believe to be true about ourselves, our surroundings, and our world.

Who Has Programmed us?

What we believe to be true comes from the people in our lives, things we see, hear, taste. If our taste buds do not like spinach than we do not eat it. When we hear laughter, we know people are having a good time. When we see violence and chaos from TV or our surroundings, we can become violent and chaotic and think that this is the real world. If our parents told us that there was no God or didn’t tell us anything we will most likely believe there is no God or not believe anything.

Think about it this way. A baby is not born to hate a certain type of person. Hate is programmed by parents, teachers, peers, or even social environments. Babies at a very young age can learn from their surroundings. They learn love, trust, and hate from the same environment as another yet interpret it differently. Our brain is a complex computer. We are just starting to understand how magnificent it is. We do know, that like a computer it can very well be programed. And like a computer it is programed input from our senses of the outside world.

Our extreme western culture programs us into thinking what is right, good, even what is wrong and a host of other things. If I would ask you to describe a good-looking person 90% of the people would tell me the same thing, based on what they have been told for years from TV, commercials, magazines, and social environments. We need to have the right smile, hair, and a host of other factors that excludes most of the population. The conclusion than is that we will never measure up or be beautiful or good-looking.

I have only been able to scratch the surface of what the real world really is. I have tried to tell you that the world within your mind and heart has been programed. This programming has not been in your best intrest. like we learned from the last page, it is all about control. Keep tumbling down the rabbit hole with me. I will tell you the truth about the real world within you. There is a door, sort of, and a key that will unlock it. Its not what the world tells you it is. So, click on the rabbit hole and I will show you just a little bit more. Please watch the next video and enjoy. Thank you for reading!