Spiritual Growth

By Ron Bender © 2011

These Bender Bytes articles will help you to draw near to Jesus Christ and to follow him on the path of life and love for others.

Apprenticeship to Jesus

Apprentice Prayer

Discover the Secret of Jesus’ Peace and Power

Enrolling in Jesus’ Master Classes

Jesus’ Rhythm of Life

Running with Jesus

Christ-Centered Community

Deep-Spirited Friendships

Facilitating Spiritual Conversation

Christmas / Advent

A Strange Way to Announce Christmas

Be Like Santa Claus

Be Overshadowed by God

Christ Can’t be Stolen from Christmas!

Make Room for Jesus this Christmas

Classics of Christian Devotion

Center Yourself in Christ (with an excerpt from A Testament of Devotion by Thomas Kelly)

Jesus is Everything to Me! – A Love Letter (Inspired by The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis)

The Jesus Prayer: The Anonymous Pilgrim’s Story

Dark Night of the Soul (When God’s Face is Hidden)

The Other Side of Deep Darkness

In the Dark Night Remember God

The Cross on Jesus’ Back

Devotion to the Lord (Developing a Heart for God)

Fasting is Feasting Prayer

Jesus is Enough for Me (Inspired by Psalm 131)

One Thing for the New Year (The Only Thing to Live for!)

Healing Prayer

Abba’s Child

Prodigal God

Trust Jesus’ Abba as your Abba

The Power to be Kind to Difficult People


A Pocket Lighter to Ignite Your Heart (Praying the Lord’s Prayer as Martin Luther Taught)

How About Lunch With Jesus

Lunch with Jesus

Pray Before You Slip

Renewing your Image of God

God’s Love Letter to You

Renew your mind

The God Jesus Knows as Abba

Scripture Meditation

Blessed to be “in Christ”

Chew Your Cud on God’s Word

No Notes? Sing a Psalm Anyway!

Renew your Mind and Life through Romans 8

Use Christ as Your Shield

Spiritual Mentoring

Be Devoted

Eight Words To Transform Your Life

Put it in the Fathers Hands


My All in All: Abba, Jesus, Parakletos

Praying the Psalms

Breath Prayers From the Bible

Understanding Pain and Suffering

Wisdom From Following Christ

Setting Boundaries

Jesus, The Rhythm of Life

Don't Worry Be Happy

Speak The Truth In Love

Worried About Money

Worry Free Living

Why The Birds Don't Worry

Smile In Your Storm

Content In A Swarm Of Mosquitoes

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Jesus Loves You

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