Kiss the Son of God

A Bender Byte Moment

By Ron Bender © 2010

“Serve the Lord with fear,” says the second Psalm (verse 11).  Some people wrongly think that to fear the Lord means to cower because he’s mean. No! God is never mean!

To fear the Lord is to reverence our Creator and Judge. It’s to tremble before him as the One with the power of life and death. It’s to fall down before him rubbing our eyes because his glory is brighter than the sun! But these ideas miss the heart of reverence for God.

The Messiah in Psalm 2

Psalm 2 is a Messianic Psalm that hints of God’s Trinitarian nature. What a glorious thing to meet the Father, Son, and Spirit as One Lord!

In this Psalm we see that the fear of the Lord is best understood as the opportunity to: “Kiss the Son!” (verse 12). Oh, if only we’d see how precious the Lord is! We would take great care not to offend him in any way. We’d delight in him with affection always. This is a healthy, mature fear of the Lord. Truly, “Perfect love removes all fear” (1 John 4:18).

A prayer inspired by Psalm 2 will help you to appreciate how precious Jesus is:

Kiss the Son of God

O Jesus, I see you smile at me! I see your arms open to me! In my excitement I run to you. I throw myself into your arms.  I kiss your cheeks again and again. I burrow my head in your chest.

Jesus! Jesus! Sweet Jesus! Your cross is salvation from my sin. Your name is honey on my lips. Your Spirit is water to my thirsty soul. Your word is the bread of heaven for me to live on.

Jesus, you are most dear to me. You are the One I delight in. You capture my interest like no one or nothing else. To be near you in your kingdom is heaven on earth. How could I be so privileged and honored as to be welcomed into your arms of love?

All my worries are put to rest when I simply speak your name: Jesus! All my hurts are comforted when I embrace you. All my ambitions mean nothing next to you. Temptations to sin have no appeal when I look into your lovely face. When I fail and when I succeed all that matters is your grace.

When people criticize me I remember your cross, O Christ.  When they praise me I remember to give glory to you. Whether they support me or disappoint me I give thanks for your faithful love. Whether they be friends or enemies I seek to bless them as you have blessed me.

Jesus, my Lord and Savior, my Healer and Teacher, your Father has become my Father and your Spirit has come to live in me — oh, how I thank you! You alone are my Refuge, my Safe Place, my Hiding Place. You are my Secret Soul Mate, my One Essential Friend — I love to carry on conversation with you all day long!

What love, joy, and peace are mine! I have kissed the Son of God! Won’t you kiss him too?

Making Jesus the desire of your heart always puts all of your life in proper perspective and is the answer to all of your problems. Probably you won’t hear many Christian professionals say that, but that does not mean that it is not true. II have found it to be true for myself and the people I help.