A Caveman Prayer

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By Ron Bender © 2011

Have you ever prayed in a cave? That’s what this man is doing in this picture. I went to pray in cave one day with a friend. We discovered that there was an awesome sense of closeness with God. Maybe it was due to being inside mother Earth or the complete silence that the cave brought.

I’ve noticed that some of David’s best prayers were in a cave, like Psalms 57 and 142 (and probably others like Psalms 27 and 61).

So I figured that to be “a man of prayer” (Psalm 109:4) like David it might help if I spent some time being “a caveman” like him!

My Experience Praying in a Cave

Indeed, meditating in silence on Psalm 57 while in a cave for a couple of hours of silence and solitude helped me to connect more deeply with what David meant when time and again in the Psalms he referred to God as his refuge. I realized that interacting with God in prayer is like being in a spiritual cave.

I can hide myself in God, not only when I’m in trouble and need a hiding place, but in all the situations of my life; I can find refuge in God through secret prayer anytime, snuggling under His wings and walking in His shadow.

Psalm 57

In Psalm 57, David models for us that in dark times of pain, struggle, or unknowing we can abide in God as our refuge. This is also true if we’re going through a Dark Night of the Soul when God’s truth is hidden from us and we’re not experiencing his blessings in our circumstances.

When we wait on God in prayer, his truth will eventually awaken from deep within us. This can be true in the midst of any difficult situation we may find ourselves in because ultimately the “cave” that we pray in is not a church or a special spot we go to, but in our own souls.

My Prayer Poem based on Psalm 57 will help you to wait on the Lord and draw close to him:

The Cave
In a cave
Surrounded by lions
Under His wings

In the dark
Assaulted by accusations
Following His shadow

In my soul
Troubled by hardships
Joining His prayers

In the night
Besieged by lies
Awakening His dawn

As you pray today, both in your devotions and as you go about your day, imagine yourself hidden in a secret cave with God as your refuge.

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