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We have heard a lot of people say, "It's one thing to know the Truth, it's another thing to walk in the Truth". The problem is, we don't know what we don't know. We don't know what the truth is! I invite you to explore the many pages on this website called BenderBytes. I have realized over the years; we can live in our own made-up reality within our mind. We are OK with our made-up reality. Sadly, it becomes a prison that we live in. We can even feel and think that we are right because so many other people feel the same way. But a lie is a lie no matter how many people believe it, and the truth is the truth even if no one believes it.

We are in a prison of our so-called reality, and we do not even know it. Not knowing we are in a prison is far worse than we could imagine. That is because we will not have the desire to escape. Let's face it, we are what we have been told, read, see on TV or social media, and believed it to be the truth. Yet we only listen to what agrees to us, what makes us feel good, or allows us to do what I want. So, in this cold dark prison of our minds we will stay, not even desiring to be set free. Its our reality. "I'm a good person" You say, "isn't that enough?"

The truth is, it's not. No one is really a good person. No matter what your definition of good is, it will never be the same as another person's definition of a good person. If being good means that you give money to the poor than how much is good? If a good person works in the soup kitchen once a week, why not twice or three times a week to be a good person. When we say we are good we only are saying that we are not bad.

When you go out to a movie with friends and later you say to one of them "hey it was a real good movie huh..?" and they say "it wasn't bad." Doesn't sound to good now does it.

Our so-called goodness, well we just do not have anything to compare it to. Or do we? Stick around here on BenderBytes and maybe, just maybe, we will be able to discover just what truth is. Shoot, you may just what to know where the keys are that will release you from your prison. You might even realize that being a good person is not what makes you a good person. None of us are good unless we are grounded in the "Truth". Along the way I have found tools that help me stay grounded in the truth, and will help you stay grounded also. Enjoy exploring, but remember, All I am offering you here is the Truth. It is the truth that can set you free from the prison of your mind!

The Bender

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"The only thing worse than a prison for your mind would be a prison for your mind you didn't know you were in. A prison therefore, you would have no urge to escape"

Irwin 2002, p. 11

Bender Bylines started in a little village in Tanzania East Africa.

My job was to revitalize the dying printing facility that had been established in the 1940's. They had letter press equipment and we were able to introduce offset printing for the first time.

I reached a time in my life where I questions about God.

I know you must have questions. We need to take an honest effort to convince our human mind that God Is real. Then we can proceed with a sold out effort to honestly serve Him.

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