Waiting for Holy Fire

“The Morning Psalm” of the Psalter has helped me to start my day in stillness, prayer and intercession many times.  One morning, I stayed in silence with Psalm 5 most of the day: I lived in it and it in me.  I waited before the Lord at my prayer altar and holy fire descended from heaven and warmed my heart.

“Take heart” from my prayer poem that is based on Psalm 5.  A few minutes of “Waiting for Holy Fire” can kindle greater devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ…

Waiting for Holy Fire

Open your ears to my words, O Lord,

For you alone my soul yearns;

Open your heart to my cries –

I pound on the door of the heavens!


This morning I drop everything

To my King I lift my hands higher;

This morning I pray at your altar

Waiting for your holy fire.


I take pleasure only in you –

Not what I achieve or gain;

I stand tall only by your mercy –

My pride and anger is in vain.


Descend on me, O Spirit of Christ –

Shine your light on all lies;

Descend on me, O Heavenly Flame –

Burn away all impurities.


I bow, I kneel, I fall,

Praying from your Psalter;

I lay still on my face,

Offering myself on your altar.


In all I say and do

Lead me, O Lord, in your love;

In all I am to be

I trust your Word from above.


I do not listen to deceivers

Who flatter and manipulate;

I do not worry about them –

You will judge their fate.


Cover us with your feathers –

Our only refuge is under your wings.

Cover us with your smile –

You’re the One who makes us sing!


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