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By Ron Bender© 2008, 2013

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Slow and Stedy Wins the Race

What if you never hurried? Could you live that way?

Lots of work to do? No hurry. Late for an appointment? No hurry. Sightseeing on vacation? No hurry. House needs to be clean and company is coming over soon? No hurry. Climbing the corporate ladder? No hurry. Dealing with a difficult person? No hurry. Can’t seem to get into a conversation? No hurry. Seeking help for emotional pain? No hurry. Behind in reading through your One Year Bible? No hurry.

“If you don’t hurry then you’ll miss out.” That’s the fear. It’s half true. You can do more if you hurry. But you won’t enjoy the experience very much and you won’t be keeping in step with Spirit of God.

Jesus was never in a hurry—except to go the cross for us (Mark 10:32, Luke 19:28). The Father never is in a hurry either—except to embrace us (Luke 15:20).

So why do we hurry? Because we’re running our lives, trying to get what we want, be important, or take control. If we truly put God in charge of our life then we won’t hurry.

A Breath Prayer

In an hurried Sabbath day I was inspired by Jesus’ “easy yoke” invitation in Matthew 11 to compose this little prayer: “In Christ be easy… Don’t hurry.”

You might try it as a Breath Prayer:

  • Breathe in the peace and grace of Christ: “In Christ be easy…”
  • Breathe out your pressure to do more: “Don’t hurry.”

You’ll find this Breath Prayer especially helpful if you pray it as you anticipate a situation that tempts you to hurry. Then pray it in that situation while resisting hurry, submitting yourself to the Lord and resting in his love.


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