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Spreading The Truth One Byte At A Time

By Ron Bender© 2008, 2013

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It's All About Christ

Every pastor, leader, and caregiver tries to do too much.
Lord, help us not to make this mistake!

For us and the people around us

it’s the source of much anxiety and conflict —
also pride, envy, and feeling inadequate.

Our main job is to remember that
Jesus is the Leader.

So make space
for yourself and those with you to listen.

Jesus is speaking in

quiet moments,
heart-to-heart conversations,
flowers and butterflies,
and laughter.

Keep praying:

“More of Jesus…
Less of me.”

The Risen Christ is in our Midst

So often I have tried to do more for God and sadly it’s meant more of Ron and less of Jesus.

I’ve learned that I need to keep reminding myself that the greatest opportunity for me and for those who are around me is to appreciate that it is all about Jesus not about me. Its not my rules, my authority, my respect, but only Jesus who shines like the sun. In him are hidden all treasures of wisdom and knowledge. He alone can multiply fishes and loaves and open the ears of the deaf. Who am I "really" compared to Him

When you share God’s Word to others step aside and allow the Lord to be the one that preaches to those who gather. He’ll speak through you and remember they are His words not yours. Since people will hear God best in the spaces between the words you speak leave some quiet pauses for people to appreciate God with you. If your heart is adoring Jesus then you won’t try to say too much and all the people around you will be drawn in to worship God with you.

Preachers aren’t the only ones who share the Word of the Lord with others — all of Christ-followers are his ambassadors who represent him. Whenever you care for others rely on Jesus to be the Wonderful Counselor. In all your meetings ask Jesus to set the agenda, lead the discussion, and direct the decision-making. In your kitchen whenever you prepare a meal pray for Jesus to nourish your family and guests with his heavenly manna.

Let’s Pray

Pray with me. Breathe in, “More of Jesus…” Breathe out, “Less of me…”

“More of Jesus… Less of me…”

Pray this as you do what you’re doing and everyone you meet will behold Jesus’ smile.

(Scripture references: Habakkuk 3:20, John 3:27-30, Revelation 21:23, Colossians 2:3, 2 Corinthians 5:20)


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