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By Ron Bender© 2008, 2013

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Breathing a prayer is like getting in rhythm with the ocean's waves

As a teacher I find that people greatly benefit from learning new things. If you have never learned to breath prayers than you came to the right place. The “Breath Prayer” approach to meditating can bring you closer to to Jesus, bring you peace during difficult times, and instill with in your self a strength that comes from the truth.

A recent post, God’s Word to Me (based on my meditations from Psalm 19), included a number of Breath Prayers.  Let’s take one as example (many of the short prayers I post work like this)…

“Jesus… I smile in your light.”

This easy and joyful prayer is a deep and profound response to God’s Kingdom in our midst!

Jesus said that he is the Light of the World and that we are lights to shine for him in the world.  When we trust in him his light shines on us and all around us from above, inside us to permeate our whole being, and through us to bless everyone we come into contact with.  This is by the Holy Spirit (“the Spirit of Christ”).

Light is the source and sustaining power behind all life on earth.  Light is what enables us to see.

Smiling to Jesus helps us to appreciate that indeed he lights on us, smiles his favor on us, 24×7.

Try slooooowly breathing in and out:

Jesus… I smile in your light

Jesus… I smile in your light

Jesus… I smile in your light

Using a Breath Prayer like this will help you to meditate on and enter into the reality of God’s glorious kingdom.

Breathe in as you whisper: “Jesus…”

Breathe out (and smile!) as you whisper: “I smile in your light.”

Pause and then repeat the prayer.

Slowly breathing a prayer helps you to meditate or marinate in God’s Word, connecting with Christ and taking his words way into your heart (which is your will that orients your whole life).

Breathing in is an expression of receiving or internalizing God’s Word and Spirit.

Breathing out is an expression of releasing tensions and controls.  Also it can be viewed as overflowing with (sharing) God’s Word and Spirit with others.

For more help see my articles on Abiding in Prayer and Praying the Psalms.


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