Jesus’ Easy Yoke!

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By Ron Bender© 2008, 2013

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The Easy Yoke Of Jesus

Are you free – really free? Are you at peace being the person God created you to be and enjoying your life with him?

Many people we talk to are wearing a heavy yoke. They’re working all the time. Or they’re worried about money or their health or their kids. Or they’re tired of trying to please an impossible-to- please spouse. Or they’re depending on alcohol to relax.

How Did Jesus Stay Relaxed Under Pressure?

Jesus shows us a life of freedom. No one has had more pressure than Jesus. No one has had more responsibility, expectations, temptations, stress, or pain than Jesus. And no one lived life more relaxed than Jesus.

What was Jesus’ secret to peace? He lived in submission to the Father in all that he did. He saw the unseen kingdom of God and lived in terms of it, not the stresses of the visible world.

New Wording for Jesus’ Easy Yoke

Jesus lived in the easy yoke of the Father in all that he did. And he offers that same yoke to you and to you. Jesus says to us:

Jesus burst forth in prayer: “O how I praise you, Abba Father and Lord of heaven and earth. You’ve hidden your ways from those who rely on their own intelligence and strength and made them known to those who come to you like a child. Yes, Father, working with ordinary, humble people gives you great joy!”

Jesus turned to the people with tenderness. “I say and do only what the Father tells me. I am united with the Father and the Father is united with me. All that I do comes out of my intimacy with the Father and it is this intimacy that I am inviting you to participate in. Listen. Let me show you how it works…

“Are you tired from carrying a heavy burden?  Are you worn out from pulling a heavy load all by yourself?

“Come to me. Look – right now – my arms are open wide to you. See my smile. My heart is for you, to give you my rest, my peace, my life.

“Come to me. Don’t try so hard to make that situation work out like you want. Slow down and take a deep breath. Open your heart to me – submit to me as I submit to the Father and you’ll enjoy his love with me, you’ll experience my rest of soul.

“Come to me. I want to help you to carry your burdens. Don’t pull that heavy load in your own strength – enter into the harness with me. Let me show you how to pull the plow across the field and get the work done in a good and relaxed way. Walk with me and work with me. Look straight ahead and keep in cadence with me. We’ll step together easily and lightly. We’ll smile in the Father’s love as we bless people in need.”

(Matthew 11:25-30, my paraphrase).


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