We Need To Bend To God

Does God Exist?

Six reasons to believe that God Exist.

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  Is There a God?
Six straight-forward reasons to conclude that God exists.

  Who is God?
What is God really like? A one-page description...

  Was There Ever Nothing?
Is it possible that everything came from nothing?

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  Who Created God?
Explains how it is that God exists...

  Is God Real?
How the DNA code remarkably points to a real God.

  How an Atheist Found God
A personal account from the director of MindBender.co.cc


Beginning of the Universe
Scientists are in agreement about how our universe began...

Where is God?
Why God is not totally invisible and hidden.

Can You Prove the Existence of God?
Why skeptics and philosophers love to ask this question.

Desiring and Finding the Ideal God
Why choose the God of the Bible?

Scientists Baffled by Laws of Nature
Scientists can't explain why the laws of nature are so constant. See what you think...

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How to know God...

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