We Need To Bend To God

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  Sex and the Search for Intimacy
What are you searching for in a relationship?

  Toxic Porn, Toxic Sex: A Real Look at Pornography
Pornography's lure, the symptoms of addiction. How to find freedom.

  Romances with Wolves
One guy's change of heart on relationships.

  Is There Hope for a Lasting Marriage?
Why marriages end in divorce and why yours doesn't have to.

  Struggling Alone with Pornography
A female student talks about addiction to pornography.


Is premarital sex wrong? Should we live boring lives?

How do you set your sexual standards?

The Search for Lasting Beauty
A fashion model gives an inside look at self-esteem.

A Change in Women's Rights
Jesus was a strong advocate of women's rights.

Let's Give the Dream New Life
Tolerance or love? MLK found greater strength in Jesus' solution.

Ashamed...but not proud of it
How does a person get over shame?

A Prayer for White Folks
Ruby Bridges, a first-grader, teaches us the power over racism.

For more information on having a relationship with God, see Knowing God Personally.

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