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All Of Heaven is Rejoicing

Because You Have Come Home

The Kingdom You Choose You Are The One!

You Are The One He Has Been Looking For!

"Believe It Or Not, Jesus has Been Searching for You"

You Believe that something was wrong with the world. You did not feel whole, complete, like something was missing. Would You believe me If I told you That God Has been feeling the same way also. He has Been waiting for you. Not only that, He wants you to know that he loves you! Not Like Man Loves, but with a divine love that we know nothing about.

Just Like Morphous was searching for Neo, God Has been searching for you. I do not know if you have ever heard of the story of the prodical son/daughter, it is a beautiful account of a father waiting for his children to come home.click here

Next step you will find out who you really are. What is the purpose for your life on this planet? Many people go through this life searching, unfocused, unfulfilled plugged into an empty system that cannot ever fulfil you. Unplugging from this system can be very hard. But you will have help exploring the new kingdom. There is a map and directions I will show you later. Please watch video..

The King Loves You!

You found the Key and you open the door. I bet you never thought that the King would even care about you. You would just be another speck in a different kingdom. That is far from the truth. In the matrix, the vast population go through life blinded from the real circumstances they are in. Here you will have your eyes wide open. No tricks, no strings attached. The King Really Does Love You.

I told you before "You are the one!" You are the one God Loves. It does not matter how far you went into the world Kingdom. You are the one he was looking for. He has a plan for your life here in His kingdom. It is said that God is a Jealous God. He does not want you to put anything in your life before Him. He is Jealous for your Good. Not like when we get jealous from our selfishness. He is Jealous because He knows what will happen if you put your beautiful car before him or your money before him or anything else. You will end up back in the kingdom of the World. His Love is not like the worldly kingdom love. His love has all the best intentions FOR YOU!

You have to let it all go, fear, doubt, and disbelief. You came this far because you knew there was this emptyness or hole in your life. You knew that there was something wrong with the world. But Like I have always told you. All I am offering you is the truth. Nothing more.

I bet you came here on this website because you are broken. You are fed up with all nonsense and lies you are told to believe. Society says, “be like this, buy that, this will make you happy!”. But it never will. You are on the proverbial hamster wheel just keeps turning going nowhere. You just don’t know what to do. The world is going crazy. Hate, lust, greed, all have destroyed people and have only added to the misery and pain. Remember there is a purpose for your life on this planet? Many people go through this life searching, unfocused, unfulfilled plugged into an empty system that cannot ever fulfil you. Today that all can change. Today you can live in a different Kingdom.

Use Your key once again. Open this door and your life can change forever. You are the one who God has been looking for. You know down deep inside of you I am telling you the truth. I always will. That is really the only true gift I have for you. But in God's kingdom there will be more gifts waiting.

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