Jun 07

About Bender Bytes

Mind Bender is a collection of facts and knowledge that will help you understand. It will show you the truth. The truth is that God does not bend we do. To understand who God is we have to be willing to Bend. But I will warn you of one thing. Its the truth. Can you handle the truth? For me to be able to handle the truth I needed to think differently. I needed to stop believing lies. I needed to bend my mind around the knowledge of God. We all know that steel is more useful when we can bend it and make it for different purposes.


Bender Bylines was created in 1992 when I was a missionary in East Africa. I wrote to my supporters about life in Tanzania. Those first publications were about life as a missionary, current events, and the truths about hard issues. The title caught on and soon people looked forward to "Bender Bylines". 

Today, in 2009, I started writing again in my home town of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I desire to write about things I have experienced events I have seen, and about a God who loves me through all my mistakes. I have learned over the years that embracing the truth is the best way to live a life of peace and Love.


"Bible Bytes" is a collection of the truth from the bible. I have found that the Bible is more than a book of truth. It is Therapy for the soul. Bible Bytes cultivates intimacy with Jesus by abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only source of lasting joy and fruitfulness (John 15:5, 11).

The Bible has helped hundreds of people overcome problems with anxiety, depression, compulsive behavior, marriage conflicts, and burnout. These "Bible Bytes" Has helped me to hear God’s voice and experience his love. I Pray that they nay help you to know the truth and that it knowing the truth it will set your free.


Its Time to choose!!

I have been a big fan of the "Matrix". It was a movie that took me by surprise in the way that it paralleled the Christian life. Choose the Red Pill and follow me down the rabbit hole. Or you can just remain in ignorance as you live a life of lies. Wake up! You will realize that there has been a blanket of lies pulled over your eyes to hide you from the truth.


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