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What We Believe is not always what is real!

You Live in a dream world
of your own making.

Wake Up!

You Took The Red Pill!

Right Now You Don't Know What You Don't know!

Ah. Brave choice. The Pill You chose is just a symbol. You know there is something wrong with the world. You know there is more to life than what the world wants you to know. But what that is you do not understand. It is a far greater deception than you could ever imagine. This page of the rabbit hole will try to help you understand what you do not know. But first you have to admit that you do not know everything.

Your reality is what you have been taught, what you see, and hear from other sources around you. If something is beautiful or good, it is because you have been told that this kind of thing is beautiful or good. Our brain is very much like a computer. We put data in and behave and manifest that information in a particular way at a particular time such that we can know it. And this is our true life. A life lived in a "generalized" manner. This is no life at all, but only a fantasy. However, this fantasy is increasingly the character of what most people think of or describe as the "real world".

What IS Real?

All of us are "jacked In" to the world around us. It's the modern-day matrix. We watch it on TV, Facebook, and other social media platforms. We believe what we want to believe, so we think. Yet we only know what a few people want us to know. We do not know the truth. Nor do any of the few want us to know the truth. Cyberspace has dominated our lives. It has grown a 1000 percent in just the past generation. Depending on what you are jacked into will develope the world you believe is real.

We go about our lives living in this world we call real. Yes, we breathe, eat, and consume in the real world so to speak, but our thinking is far from real. We concentrate our minds and ambitions on what we have been programmed to believe. Is it any wonder we have so much chaos in this world.

What are you "Jacked-in" to? Tick Tok, Facebook, Fox news, ABC, NBC, or a host of other organizations. Would it surprise you to know that many of the news organizations are controlled by just a few people. Someone will say, "But I listen to the real one?" What can that possibly mean? How is your world any less real than that of anyone else on the planet? There is only one truth, and you will not find it the fore mentioned organizations.

Who Has Programmed us?

What we believe to be true comes from the people in our lives, things we see, hear, taste, and feel. If our parents told us that there was no God or didn't tell us anything we will most likely believe there is no God or not believe anything. And we would go our merry way with how we perceive the world around us.

Our extreme western culture programs us into thinking what is right, good, even what is wrong and how to punish those who are wrong. If I would ask you to describe a good-looking person 90% of the people would tell me the same thing, based on what they have been told for years from TV commercials, magazines, and social environment. We need to have the right smile, hair, and other factors which excludes most of the population. What is beauty? The conclusion then is that we will never measure up or be beautiful or good-looking. That is far from the truth!

We Do Not Know What Is Real

I have only been able to scratch the surface of the world most people believe is real. I have tried to tell you that the world within your mind has been programed. This programming has not been in your best interest. You need to continue to find out who you really are. The Good News is that you can Choose! Finding out who you really are by knowing the truth. Keep tumbling down the rabbit hole with me. I will tell you the truth about the real world within you. It's not what the world tells you it is. So, click on the hole and go deeper and I will show you how to free your Mind. Please watch the video and enjoy. Thank you for reading!