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By Ron Bender© 2008, 2013

Spiritual Disciplines are simply ways for Jesus’ disciples to be more like Him. They facilitate honesty, grace, and life transformation.  Jesus modeled living in “life's rhythm" using spiritual practices to cultivate His intimacy with the Father. The Apostles, the Psalmists, and all our Bible heroes model the importance of using spiritual exercises to “grow in grace” (2 Peter 3:18).

It’s important to balance our life with the use of disciplines and abstinence to grow and become more like Jesus. The rhythm of the spiritual life leads us to the cross and resurrection: put off the old self and put on the new self, deny yourself and follow Christ.  Self-denial practices make space for us to embrace and live out the life of Christ.

Over the years I practice a variety of training and disciplines. Yet the need to tell others seem so tempting. When we feel the need to broadcast our devotion we lose a deep earned blessing from God. All Christ followers need to participate in prayer and Scripture meditation yet there are other disciplines we should not forsake as we draw closer to our Lord.

There is no complete list of spiritual disciplines, but here are some tried and true Spiritual Disciplines for your Soul.

Disciplines for Self-Denial


Secrecy (Doing good deeds for God alone)

Silence and Solitude

Solitude and Community


Disciplines for God-Embracing

Abiding in Prayer

Breath Prayers

Meditation on Scripture

Praying the Psalms

Serving Others



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