Stress Overload

A Bender Byte Moment

By Ron Bender © 2010

Stress is a natural part of life. Even good changes can bring stress. And most people go through seasons in which they’re overloaded with stress events. The Life Events Stress Test is a good way to measure your current stress level.

But for some people stress overload is prolonged due a series of hardships or to a chronically stressful lifestyle. They live under constant pressure. And chronic stress overload saps our energy,  leaves us anxious or depressed, and can cause health problems.

Pastors, pastor’s wives, missionaries and other ministry leaders commonly experience prolonged stress overload. This makes them vulnerable to burn out or blow out.

Are you overloaded with stress? Take this short survey to see if you may need help dealing with the effects of stress on your body and soul:

1.  Have you experienced lots of change in recent months (e.g., job, housing, relationship status)?

2.  Have you experienced a major loss (e.g., death of a loved one, divorce, financial loss)?

3.  Do you have skin irritations, an ulcer, recurring headaches, or a racing heart?

4.  Do you feel that you’ve failed in an important endeavor in your work or a relationship?

5.  Are you in a hurry most of the time?

6.  Do you use adrenaline or caffeine to sleep less and get more done?

7.  Do you expect perfection from yourself? Or from others?

8.  Do you have unrealistic expectations for how things will go in situations?

9.  Are you self-critical?

10.  Do you have a short temper? Or do you get easily frustrated? Or are you having emotional outbursts?

11.  Do people tell you that you take things too seriously?

12.  Do you try to be strong and not have needs or emotions?

13.  Are you anxious most of the time?

14.  Are you having difficulty concentrating?

15.  Are you having difficulty sleeping or getting enough rest?

16.  Have you been pessimistic?

If you have said yes to 5 or more of these questions than you may be in danger of stress overload.

You might find some stress relief here:

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