Do You have A-N-X-I-E-T-Y?

A Bender Byte Moment

By Ron Bender © 2010

Here’s a short self-test to help you see if you (or a loved one) might have a problem with “A-N-X-I-E-T-Y.” This is a simple screening tool to identify key symptoms of anxiety disorders.

Keep track of your “yes” answers, circling any of the seven symptoms that have one or more yes answers.

  1. A gitated?  Are you easily frustrated or irritated or upset?  Do you lose your temper often?
  2. N ot sleeping?  Are you having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?  Do you often wake up and not feel rested?
  3. X –fears?  Do you have any fears that you accommodate by avoiding situations?  Are you afraid of social situations, interpersonal conflict, rejection, failure, public speaking, leaving home, airplanes, spiders, knives, etc.?
  4. I n your body?  Have you been experiencing shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tightness in your chest, discomfort in your stomach or bowels, twitching, shaking hands, sweaty palms, or tingling?
  5. E scalating worries?  Are you worried about problems you’re facing?  Do your thoughts race out of control?
  6. T raumas relived?  Does your mind keep re-experiencing an upsetting event(s)?  Are you having nightmares?
  7. Y es all the time?  Do you feel pressured to say yes to other people, to your perfectionism, or to make troubling thoughts go away?

Scoring: Two or more yes answers suggest you may have a problem with anxiety.  For diagnoses and treatment consult in person with whom you trust and able to share your inner self with.

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