An Prayer to Help you Listen

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By Ron Bender© 2008, 2013

Listen! God is speaking.

Sunshine after a rain. It reminds me that when we slow down and look up to God his bright thoughts can enter our minds to help us walk in his bright ways (Isaiah 55:9, paraphrase). Listening to God makes everything better—even if we at the time we don’t hear specific words—because the very act of listening opens our hearts to the delightful, shining reality that the Lord is truly with us.

“Shoot Up” an Arrow Prayer

But most us of struggle with listening to God and need help to direct our attention on God. Many times each day we come across situations in which we especially need God’s grace and guidance and if we’re already in an attitude of listening to him it helps us in our time of special need to hear the promptings of his Spirit.

Here’s a little “Arrow Prayer” I wrote that is inspired by Psalm 50:1-2 that can help you to pause and pay attention to the Lord in your midst as you go about your day. It’ll help you cultivate the disposition of being continually attentive to God. Like an archer, you can point your bow up to the heavens and “shoot up” this prayer: “The Lord speaks and shines from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.”

It’s true. The words of the Lord are like a light that shines. Like the sun rays the voice of God gives and sustains all life. (Psalm 19 teaches this.)

One Breath, One Prayer

To help me absorb the sunlight of God’s voice I especially like to Pray Psalm 50:1-2 as a simple Breath Prayer. Try it in this rhythm:

  • (Wait to breath): “The Lord speaks and shines…”
  • (Breathe in): “From the rising of the sun…”
  • (Breathe out): “To the place where it sets.”

When I put my body into a prayer like this it helps me engage my mind with God’s thoughts. Then as God’s thoughts become my thoughts I use them to engage my heart (will). This helps me whole soul to flow with God’s abundant life and to overflow with this to whoever is in my social circle at the time.

It’s fun over the course of a day to see how many times can I remember to take a breather with God and shoot up a little arrow prayer that helps me to listen to what God might want to say to me.

What a sweet delight it is to practice God’s presence! Everything is richer and more wonderful when you appreciate that the Spirit of Christ is with you, living and breathing in you and through you, infusing your mind with heavenly thoughts, forming your heart to be more like Jesus.

O Prince of Peace we love your shining face! We rejoice in the brightness of your words that warm our hearts!

Be Blessed to be a Blessing

Try shooting up your arrow prayer for people the Lord puts on your heart. Offer a secret little prayer as you listen to someone. You can even pray for a stranger you see on the street or in the store: “The Lord speaks and shines to ________, from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.”


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Ronald Bender- President/CEO Bender Consulting.~



Jesus Loves You

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