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Psychics & Their Free Tarot Readings

When you get free tarot card readings or free psychic readings, what are the psychics really doing?

 tarot card readings - free psychic readingsPsychic Network? You've seen the commercials on TV. These people are supposed to have special psychic insight allowing them to know what NO ONE could know. When the psychic gives her comments, the caller is absolutely amazed, right?

Well, now the New York city government has found a new line of work for people on welfare: put them to work as telephone psychics. An Associated Press report1 states: "The Psychic Network has hired 15 welfare recipients, teaching them how to read tarot cards and look into the future." The question just begging to be asked is, "So how psychic are these people?"

Free Psychic & Tarot Readings: Behind the Scenes

A former employee with Psychic Hotline, Debbie Nathan, gives us an interesting behind-the-scenes look. Her insider report appeared in Reader's Digest.2 Debbie gives details about how she would answer the phone. She would immediately ask for the caller's name and birthdate -- not to determine their zodiac sign, but to determine if the caller met the required 18-year-old minimum. If so, Debbie would proceed as follows:

"'I'm a tarot reader. First I'll do a general reading, while you think of specific questions to ask later. I'm shuffling now; tell me when it feels right to stop.' As usual, I made riffling noises with the cards without bothering to shuffle, much less deal."

Debbie would then tell the caller, "I'm feeling an imbalance between your physical relationship and other forms of communication."

Free Psychic & Tarot Readings: Why People Believe

Why do people buy it? In Debbie's words, "People are amazed at your 'insight' because most are so narcissistic they can't imagine how much they have in common with the rest of the population."

Why are people drawn to psychic hotlines or palm readers? Because issues arise in all of our lives for which we need help in knowing what to do. We want insight. Advice. We don't like making mistakes, and so we look for special help from someone who might have a mystical ability in knowing what decision we should make. Unfortunately the psychic's real ability may be in making money.

According to this report, Debbie said she was instructed to keep the caller on the line as long as possible. One 55-minute call can cost $211...soon appearing on the caller's phone bill.

So, by working as telephone psychics, will New York city welfare recipients finally land on Easy Street? Doubtful. For each $3.99 per minute charge gained by Psychic Network, Debbie said she was given 25 cents.

This looks more like a commercial venture than "psychic help." The mere fact that people can be trained to be telephone psychics raises some obvious questions about the value of what the caller is getting. Yet, psychic abilities have been so heavily marketed, and the commercials seem so convincing, that many believe it.

Free Psychic & Tarot Readings: Above It All

Isn't there some solid, spiritual advice available? There must be something beyond ourselves that can give us guidance.

There is. How about asking the one who created the universe, who knows everything about you and your situation, whose wisdom is unlimited and who is always right? Much of God's advice is already there in the Bible. Confused about issues in your life? Ask God to show you what to do.

He says, "I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you." (Psalms 32:8)

Would you like to have this kind of relationship with God? See Knowing God Personally. There's no charge.

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